Fish Farming in South Africa

Fish farming in South Africa and the rest of Africa is gaining popularity – Fish farming – or aquaculture is the farming or growing of fish for eating. Man made dams are built and fish are bred specifically to be eaten. To set up a fish farm is quite expensive – but the rewards are high.

Barbel fish, amongst other kinds of fish are used in fish farming in Africa. Also farmed with are the following fish: tilapia, catfish, yellow tail, kob, trout, carp, cichlid, livebearer, artemia, brine shrimp. Not all these fish are suitable for Africa, and worldwide fish farming is being practiced with great success. Other successfull farming businesses in South Africa are Poultry farming and chicken farming. A farm that does both of these types of farming together would be able to use and share many resorces.

Fish farming in Africa needs a fair amount of fish farming equipment – ponds, pumps, water purifiers and water filters. Not a game to get into unless you are commited and knowlegeable – having said that – profits in fish farming are high – and the learning curve is not too steep.